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Gemini New Moon - An Opportunity to Stand Together

We’ll be entering a new moon cycle this Thursday, May 25th, at 3:45 PM, EDT.

At the New Moon, the Sun and Moon occupy the same degree of the zodiac. This means we get a concentrated dose of whatever that degree of the zodiac represents. With the Sun and Moon in agreement, our conscious and subconscious processes will be on the same page, so to speak. At the Full Moon, about two weeks from now, the Sun and Moon will be sitting across from each other. At that point, we’ll be asked to reconcile divergent or conflicting energies. Subconscious processes and shadow aspects oftentimes “come to light” during the Full Moon, and we must integrate those, as well.

For this moon cycle, we’ll be getting a dose of Gemini-Sagittarius energy, which is all about how we think, learn, believe and communicate. With the New Moon in Gemini, we’ll likely start out examining what’s directly in front of us. As the Moon progresses over the next couple weeks, we’ll be asked to step far enough back and out of the way to see the bigger picture. Before this is done, we’ll be given a chance to integrate narrow and scientific ways of thinking with broader, more-encompassing and belief-based ways of thinking. As with all polarities, it’s not about choosing one over the other, but finding ways to bring both energies into harmony. New Moons are a time for starting afresh. With the New Moon in Gemini, we’re being asked to discover new ways of thinking, believing, learning and communicating.

Although there are no major aspects to the Sun or Moon, there are plenty of other things going on in the sky at the time of the New Moon. Uranus, Saturn, Pluto, Jupiter and Mars will all be aspecting Venus, suggesting much of this learning process will play out within our relationships. (Gemini rules everyday exchanges, classmates, siblings and short journeys, as well, so we may see the influence more strongly in those areas.) With so many slow-moving, big players in aspect to each other, we know these changes are happening globally (i.e., everyone is reexamining the way they think, interact and communicate). With Pluto and Uranus in the mix, those changes may be sudden, life-altering or explosive.

Uranus’ position during this moon cycle suggests "failure of the small self" - the self that is obsessed with what it appears to be and what appears to be happening (i.e., our ego self). Even though this failure may be painful, I still see this as a positive influence overall. We could all use a little more humility. So much of the distortion in the way we communicate with each other is based on a projection of an idealized self (think social media). Indeed, Gemini rules the media, so some of those explosive or dark expressions may be things we see in the news or that get communicated through writing or speech. Whatever these failures are, think of them as growing pains. They will hurt much less if we can be humble about whatever it is and release enough of our individual and collective egos to open to the higher energies trying to be birthed.

On the upside, this isn’t surface change we’re talking about. With Pluto, we’re going deep. With Uranus, we’re getting a true upgrade – like updating the wiring in an old house. When all this upgrading is complete, we should be able to hold a much higher vibration, not only individually but collectively. Uranus promises a coming back to a place where you are known and acknowledged, with an ability to go forth and know and acknowledge others in their destiny light. My best advice....just keep breathing and trusting as we move through all this.

Highlighting all of this is a grand trine between Saturn, Uranus and the North Node of the Moon. Saturn represents the structures of the past and Uranus represents change and the future. The North Node is a great navigational point. A grand trine means these energies are working together in a supportive way. Although the tension between “what is” and “what should be” will be strong, there’s more than a little chance of harnessing all of this and discovering innovative and forward-thinking ways of moving forward. Uranus lends an Aquarian-age energy to all this, aligning us with the birthing of a new era. At its best, these energies call for a way of being in relationship with each other in which everyone is free to be who they are, but has a sense of shared destiny and responsibility to the collective.

If you want to dig a little deeper into the evolutionary and soul level currents at play during this cycle, we can look at the chandra and sabian symbols.

The Sun and Moon will be at 5° Gemini at the New Moon. The sabian symbol for this placement is “a revolutionary magazine calling for action.” The symbol speaks of a strong desire to reach beyond established forms. Whether the action is violent or peaceful, bitter or loving, remains to be seen. It is fueled by our ability to realistically discern the limits in our systems (a Gemini gift), as well as the transcendent possibilities (Sagittarius at its best).

There’s a sense of being engaged in possibilities, although hope and doubt mix equally at this point. There is a hope for freedom, but also an acknowledgement of existing chains. Like all revolutions, we are somewhat caught in the crossfire between the old and the new. Because we live in a dualistic world and in a culture that is highly polarized at this point in time, each movement in one direction calls for a movement in the opposite direction. There is a strong push and pull feel to this alignment, and I think we see this playing out in our politics. The further down the road one ideology takes us, the more likely it becomes that an opposing ideology will rise. This can be a good thing.

Uranus wields not only revolutionary currents but the lightning rod of enlightenment. This means there might be a lot of "a-ha" moments. If the a-ha is big enough, it may even birth a sustained attempt to understand and further the higher understanding that was revealed. As I said before, this may be an explosive, obvious event in your personal life, something radiating through the news outlets, or something taking place way down deep in the individual and collective psyche. In any event, the symbol suggests it’s time for a wake-up call.

In a couple weeks, the Full Moon will occur at 19° Sagittarius. Both the chandra symbol and sabian symbol for this position are similar – “a monstrous sea creature dead, washed up on the beach” and “pelicans, menaced by the behavior and refuse of men, seek safer areas for bringing up their young.”

Both of these symbols speak to the toxicity of our world being fully revealed. The ocean represents our subconscious. Both of these symbols take place upon a beach – what was subconscious or denied will finally be made conscious. The pelicans symbolize concerned people finding new, more wholesome ways to live, for the sake of the planet and our children. There may be some sacrifice involved, as the pelicans are forced to leave their nests.

There is also an old legend about a mother pelican who struck her own breast with her beak in order to feed her young during a time of famine. Early Christians even used the symbol of a pelican to represent Christ and his sacrifice. We may be asked to make some kind of personal or collective sacrifice, perhaps just of long-held ideas.

Also at the time of the Full Moon in two weeks, the Sun will be at 19° Gemini, asking us to integrate the energy of the polarity. The sabian symbol for this placement is “a large, archaic volume reveals a traditional wisdom.” In other words, it’s time for a great revolution that brings ancient wisdom and tradition forward. To do this, we’ll need to identify with our greater selves (our small, ego selves will likely want to run and hide). This symbol also speaks of “seed knowledge” being revealed and a culture being “re-seeded.”

Mercury, the ruler of Gemini, is at 11° Taurus at the New Moon. The chandra symbol for this placement is "a woman with flames for hair." The symbol indicates we’ve come to a place in history where it’s time to step up and be counted. Those who've been discounted will take it no more. Although this call is highlighted by cosmic and spiritual, creative forces, it may manifest in a disillusioned or distorted way due to Mercury’s sextile to Neptune. This is why so many who’ve felt disenfranchised are looking for solutions in fear-based ways. In its most positive expression, this energy supports the connected, creative and spiritual aspects in all of us finally stepping forward and demanding to be acknowledged. Again, this can be a peaceful or revolutionary process.

Similarly, Saturn at 26° Sagittarius (sabian symbol “a flag bearer in a battle”) asks us to stand up, unarmed and defenseless, but with an ability to provide a rallying point for the collective. It calls for a giving-over of self to the highest of ideals. The danger is for us to fall into Sagittarian negativity – religious authority exerting power without integrity or compassion, or judgment based on the belief that you have all the answers. Although that's a real danger, I think this symbol gives us insight into how we can move forward in alignment with the higher potentials of Sagittarius.

We are being asked to honor what is good and right and to stand in truth. The flag bearer is part of the fight, but wields no violent weapon. He represents a rallying call that a group can come together around. Remember, we’re being called to find new ways to believe, think and communicate. Fighting and control by force is the old pattern of patriarchy that Pluto is working hard to dismantle. Make no mistake – there’s a battle underway, but our greatest success won’t come from fighting each other the way we always have. It’s time for a real revolution, and that means engaging each other at a higher level, with love and respect for our individual journeys as a cornerstone of all communication. Let this be the flag we bear and rally behind.

The sabian symbol for Pluto at 20° Capricorn is “a hidden choir singing during a religious service." Pluto is determined to move through all the karmic backlog from many lifetimes and free up what’s been trapped. This destiny is cosmically supported. It calls us to join together in community in a transcendent way and let our voices be heard.**

The Book of Revelations speaks of a great battle between the forces of light and dark. I do believe the forces of light have been working in hiding all along. They are not the egocentric “leaders” who’ve placed themselves in the limelight and are spewing hate. The true forces of light have been working quietly and in the background. They’ve taken responsibility for their shadows and have been working at healing themselves as a way to heal the planet and the people they love. They’ve been practicing true Christ-consciousness to the best of their abilities. They've been compassionately and humbly serving as artists, healers, musicians, conscious parents, social workers, organic farmers, etc. I believe all of these symbols are telling us it’s time to really step know who you are!

Neptune at 15° Pisces confirms that the time is now. Its chandra symbol is “many kinds of fruit arrayed on a silver tray.” This symbol speaks of a time for harvesting soul gifts and for a gathering of tribes for a renewal of society. True leaders must rise – they are the people who’ve done their spiritual work and can truly see a positive path forward. Neptune will remain at this degree until Mid-July, although it will begin moving backwards in mid-June. It will continue reversing until November, when it turns around and starts to move forward again. All this makes me think this process will be an expanding and contracting one, or a two steps forward, one-step back process. We need to brace ourselves for the long haul.

Jupiter at 14° Libra (chandra symbol “a chariot pulled by four elephants”) offers us some guidance on how to proceed right now. This symbol also speaks of starting a long and difficult journey. I think the fact that the outcome is unsure is actually a point in our favor, because it requires us to have faith and to stand for what’s true, even if we ultimately fail. This forces our egos to take a back seat, because “winning” isn't the end goal. I think of the Native Americans at Standing Rock – powerful symbols for what it means to stand in integrity against overwhelming forces, regardless of the outcome. They are flag bearers for sure.

Jupiter’s placement tells us the journey will take us through a series of events that will trigger deep, internal, alchemical change. Great benefits await us if we are brave enough to surrender to the journey of daily life right now.

Jupiter, the ruler of Sagittarius, remains at this degree throughout the moon cycle, offering us a clear light with which to see in the dark. Jupiter calls us to have unyielding faith in life and this process of change we’ve all entered into together. Slowly, just underneath the surface, we’re becoming aware and in sync. At times, this may explode outwardly in disconcerting ways. But Jupiter promises true vision to those who walk the path faithfully. What will be revealed is an understanding of who and what we are, as well as what is asked of “those who have eyes to truly see.”

**Please consider joining the world meditation this Saturday, May 27, 2017, led by the incredibly gifted, sound healer Tom Kenyon. I think the timing of this meditation couldn't be better. For more information, please read the material on Tom's site and download the free sound file "Restoration" that will guide the meditation.

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