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We live in a world of attraction, magnetism and resonance, where our  vibration and our expectations determine our experience.


Aligning with Earth's Natural Rhythms

Life on this planet is both cyclical and dualistic. Everything moves in a circular pattern through states of being that seem in opposition to each other.

Chakras and the Energy Body

Every human being is composed of many “bodies,” not just the one you can see with your eyes. (See also CHAKRAS for a summary of the colors, sounds and elements associated with each Chakra.)

Healthy Energetic Boundaries

Here are a few simple tools that are very effective for quickly clearing your energetic field. These should be done as a daily practice, in the morning, evening or both.

Expansion, Contraction and Integration

Growth occurs through a process of expanding, contracting and integrating.  Each of these phases is an equally important part of your healing journey.

Higher Self, Lower Self and the Mask

Together, these three aspects make up your essential nature. As you work to relinquish your mask and purify your lower self, more and more of the light of your higher self can pass through.

Using Affirmations to Change Your Operating System

We all have an "operating system"...that set of ideas or beliefs we've built around how the world works. Your life, for better or worse, is a mirror of your beliefs.

Care After a Healing Session

In order to gain the most benefit from a healing session or other expanding experience, it’s important that you practice good self-care in the days following a session.

Grounding Techniques

Being grounded means being fully present.  When you’re grounded, you are fully present in your physical body (not your head). You feel safe and can easily connect with Mother Earth and her rhythms. In order to ground, you need to have an open root chakra.

Understanding Resistance

One of the things you’ll have to deal with on the path of healing is resistance. Simply put, resistance is all the things that are going to get in the way of your healing. It's all the reasons why you can't (or don't want to) grow and expand.

Facing Your Shadow

Everyone has a shadow. It's called a shadow, not only because of its connection to your dark side, but because it tends to remain hidden. 

Understanding Defenses

In your natural state, energy flows in a balanced way. Unfortunately, most of us have learned how to function in a chronic state of imbalance or lack. This defensive state is so familiar, you might not even realize it's there.

As a young child, your energy body was very open and sensitive. (Defensive Pattern guides are designed to help clients who are actively working with specific patterns identified in session.)


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Rituals, when done mindfully, are exercises in bringing the sacred down to earth.  Rituals connect us to our history and our ancestors and strengthen the energetic bonds between us.  They provide comfort and stability in a world that's always changing.  They help us align our intentions with our actions.

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Abstract Paint

The relational plane (or the "astral") is a dimensional space that everyone interacts with, but that few people are consciously aware of.  In this class, we explore the geography of the astral realm and the many ways in which we interact with it every day.  


Wooden Door

Curious about the energetic shift taking place? Feminine energy is rising as a balancing force to a world that's been heavily skewed toward masculine energy. This class offers guidance and tools that you can use in your daily life to help you navigate this enormous shift.



Healthy boundaries are necessary for healthy relationships, and they can only be learned through interacting with others.  So what if your early childhood experience didn't model healthy boundaries?



Zodiac Chart

Want to know how the New Moon will impact your personal chart?



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June 6, 2024

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