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Here are a few simple tools that are very effective for quickly clearing your energetic field.  These should be done as a daily practice, in the morning, evening or both. They can also be used whenever you feel the need for extra protection or like you’ve taken on something that isn’t yours.  With all of these tools, practice makes perfect. It takes time to shift patterns and create healthy boundaries. Be patient with yourself. The most important thing is to be consistent.


This is a very simple tool you can use whenever you have to go into a busy or energetically charged place (malls, grocery stores, hospitals, etc.). Your energetic field typically extends about an arm’s length all around you in every direction, like a bubble. Try to feel where the edge of your field is. Extend your arms and see if you can sense where the edge is.  Is it pulled in close to your body?  Is it filling the entire room?  Trust what you sense, even if you've never before tried to sense your own field.  You will intuitively know the answer to this question.  If the edge of your field is very far out, try pulling it in to about arm’s length, just be imagining drawing it back in close and breathing slowly. If the edge of your field feels like it’s held close to your body, try pushing it out using your breath.  With each in breath, imagine your energy body is filling up.  With each out breath, imagine it expanding outward.  Take your time.  Be sure to expand it in all directions evenly - above and below you, in front of and behind you.  It should feel a little like you're standing within a bubble, or like your physical body is the yolk of an egg and the edge of your field is an eggshell. 

Once you've adjusted the edge of your field so it's about arms' length from your body, set the intention to strengthen the energetic boundary at the edge of your field. Imagine the edge of your field growing strong and  slippery, as if it were coated in Teflon or golden light.  Set the intention that any negative or low vibration energies will simply slide off the edge of your field.  "Charge" the edge of your field with unconditional love.  To do this, think of something you can easily love unconditionally (like a pet) and allow yourself to feel the emotion of unconditional love, acceptance and/or gratitude.  Once you've created that feeling state within your body, imagine sending that energy to the edge of your field so that it will vibrate with the same frequency.  When you do this, only energy at the level of unconditional love or higher will be allowed through.  


It’s best to do these practices before entering the charged or busy space.


Although it’s possible to take in energy anywhere in your field, I find a very common place for people to connect in unhealthy ways is through the third chakra. As young children, we created third chakra cords with our parents, who we were dependent upon for our physical survival. Third chakra cords are caretaking cords. Ideally, they allow a parent to express a loving aspect of themselves by caring for their child. The child is supported and receives what he or she needs energetically, until the child is capable of having a more mature relationship with the parent.

As we grow, we begin shifting the energy invested in third chakra cords into creating fourth chakra cords, or heart connections. Third chakra cords that remain past that time, or that are created between fully-functioning adults, become manipulative and encourage co-dependence. They are not appropriate in healthy, adult relationships.

If you feel like you’re getting sucked into someone else’s drama or reality, simply place your hand upon your third chakra (located in your solar plexus, just below your rib cage) to shield it. You might be taking in something through your third chakra or sacrificing too much of your own energy through it. Ask yourself whether the vibration that person is choosing to experience is one you also want to experience. Is it in alignment with who you uniquely are? If the answer is no, then set the intention to release it. It’s not yours to begin with. If the answer is yes, but you would still like to release it, acknowledge the choice you are now making to align with something different.

For example, if someone you love is in an abusive relationship and you find you’re getting sucked into the drama of that, first decide if victimhood is a vibration you want to experience. Take the time to sit with it, as we oftentimes get triggered or hooked into other people’s energy because we carry some resonance. If you feel no resonance with victimhood whatsoever, then acknowledge all the ways you are empowered and choose to let go of your personal investment in the other person’s path. It is not your path to walk.

If, however, you discover that you’re also experiencing victimhood somewhere in your life, perhaps in a different way, acknowledge that to yourself. Be honest. Maybe it’s a choice you made a long time ago in response to a difficult situation. See if you can figure out why. If you feel ready to make a new choice, set an intention to do so and take whatever action feels supportive of your new choice.

When this process feels complete for you, think about connecting with that person through the heart instead of through your third chakra. Keeping your hand on your third chakra, set the intention to dissolve any unhealthy third chakra cords you’ve created with this person. Instead, see if you can feel love and compassion for them, for where they are right now. This should feel very freeing. It’s not your responsibility to change them or fix the situation. You can hold a space of love, acceptance, forgiveness and compassion for them as they work through their challenges.

When you connect through the heart, you connect in a loving, non-judgmental or neutral way. You acknowledge the power of the person to choose what they wish to experience, as well as their power to change that choice whenever they want, without getting sucked into the vibration they’re resonating with. This is good for you and for them, as you will no longer be feeding their negative pattern by aligning your field with it. Instead, you will be disengaging from their process and aligning with the highest expression of your unique vibration.  They may feel this and choose to do the work necessary to join you at your new vibration, or they may not.  Try to honor whatever choice they make.


If you feel like you’ve taken on energy that isn’t yours, intentionally or not, you can use your own Core Star energy to clear it from your field instantly. As in the shielding technique, first find the edge of your field and bring it to about arm’s length all the way around your body, like a bubble.

Next, connect with your Core Star. Your Core Star exists outside of third-dimensional space. It arose out of the void as a divine, creative impulse. This divine, creative impulse is You. It is who you are at a purely creative level. Your Core Star is who you would be outside of all your relationships and all the roles you play. It is pure essence, like your unique vibrational note. It existed before you were born and will continue to exist after your physical body dies.

You can connect with your Core Star by concentrating on the area about half way between your belly button and the bottom of your rib cage. (It is not the same as your third chakra...your Core Star is physically located below your third chakra.) Imagine a bright, white light emerging from this area, like a brilliant sun. Allow its rays to extend out to the edge of your field. This may take some time. Use your breath, and keep allowing who you uniquely are to extend out and fill your field.

By law, you can only attract or pick up things you’re in resonance with. Your Core Star is your unique essence, like a fingerprint. By filling your energy field with your Core Star essence, you instantly clear anything that’s not in resonance with your divine, creative self.

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