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Everything in our world is vibrating with sound, from the smallest of subatomic particles to the Earth itself.  Our bodies, made largely of water, are highly receptive to these vibrations, even when we're not aware of them.  Every organ, cell and bone in your body is pulsing with life in the form of electromagnetic currents and fields.  When healthy, there's a natural resonance within the body, and between your body and its environment.  When this natural healthy resonance is disrupted, fatigue, depression, anxiety and illness can result. 

The healing power of sound has been known to man for thousands of years.  Throughout time, musicians have known that specific musical intervals are more pleasing to the ear.  Early cultures and mystics observed the sacred geometry of nature and the harmonic proportions of growth in everything from flower petals to nautilus shells. These same natural proportions exist in the human body (as in the cochlea of the inner ear).  Musical scales were created based on these ideas of harmonic intervals and proportion. 


Sound healing works with the principle of resonance.  Coherent, healing frequencies, like the musical chord, fifth or octave, are naturally soothing.  Scientific studies have shown that these intervals can also create deep states of relaxation, contributing to an overall sense of wellness or coherence.  Listening to coherent frequencies invites the body to come into resonance with those frequencies and its natural state of health.  



Crystal bowls are powerful tools for creating coherent frequencies that you can not only hear but feel.  The body is naturally tuned to quartz, as many of the structures in our body are crystalline in nature.  Our bones, for example, have long been recognized as crystalline structures.  Cells within the body are also suspended in an extracellular matrix that has crystal-like properties.  When a crystal bowl is chimed or sung, the sound not only enters through your ears, but bathes your entire body.  Because water is such a strong conductor of sound, and the body is made primarily of water, the harmonious and coherent soundwaves produced by crystal bowls can have a powerful healing effect upon the entire body.  

Regular sound healing sessions can:

  • Reduce stress and anxiety

  • Ease depression

  • Relieve physical pain

  • Improve mental and emotional clarity

  • Clear and balance your energetic body

  • Stimulate the immune system

  • Relax the mind

  • Assist with meditation

  • Improve sleep patterns


See below for session information and pricing.


Also available:

  • small group (2-4 people) chakra-meditation session

  • children's exploratory session 

  • outdoor summer sessions

  • evening candlelight session for two


Please contact me for details.



Quartz healing bowls have a deeply grounded energy.  They are highly effective for clearing, charging and balancing.  Select the bowls you'd like to work with or let me intuitively choose for you.  Full chakra-clearing or targeted healing sessions available.

60-minute session - $95



"There doesn't seem to be the right words to express the magnificence of my experience during my recent sound healing.  Your property is so serene and other worldly...  Your intuitive playing of the bowls stirred deep emotions within me.  I felt like I was being called home."


Alchemy bowls are created by blending the energies of quartz with one or more gemstone, crystal or precious metal.  They carry pure and balanced energetic frequencies that work on many levels simultaneously.  Some bowls available to work with: 

  • Ruby Alchemy with Pink Ocean Gold - grounding, joy, presence, vitality, heart activation, spiritual wisdom, health, wealth, soul love connections

  • Selenite Alchemy with Pink Ocean Gold - clearing, meditation, connection with angelic realm, harmonizing, balance, heart activation, clarity of mind, grace and healing, compassion and courage

  • Pure Amethyst - crown chakra opening, neutral, calming, meditative mind, connection with inner wisdom, Violet Ray, connection to Source, intuition 

  • Mt. Shasta Serpentine - grounding, heart activation, connection with Lemurian Energy, kundalini rising 

  • Supergrade Aqua Aura Gold Tibetan - harmonizing, balancing, healing activation for the sacral, ancient and modern wisdom, ascension, potent healing frequencies on sub-atomic and molecular level, transcendent male energy

  • Smokey Quartz - primal grounding, earth connection, positive thinking, solar plexus, sacral and root chakras, centeredness, joy, cooperation and clarity, Hopi prophecy of Crystal People

  • Black Tourmaline - clearing of attachments, protection, purification, clears negativity, toxins, addictions, unhealthy attachments

  • Lemon Aura Gold - personal power, enthusiasm, soul expansion, mental acuity

  • Rose Quartz Ocean Indium - love activation and longevity, emotional healing and calming, inner harmony, heals etheric fields, assists in relationships

  • Phenacite - portals of light, interdimensional travel, Merkaba, light body activation, evolution, quantum leaps of consciousness

60-minute session - $95

Book a Sound Healing Session
Foggy Forest



Come back into balance with a sound session in the woods

Awaken and align your body with the healing rhythms of nature and crystal bowls.  Sessions are performed in a screened-in gazebo in an old forest, with the sounds of water and wildlife accompanying quartz crystal healing bowls.  Alchemy bowls are also available for an additional charge.

Limited Availability...please contact me directly if you'd like to book an outdoor session.

Stars at Night



Slow down with an evening candlelight session in the woods

Slow down and quiet your body and mind with the sounds of nature and crystal healing bowls.  Sessions are performed in a candlelit screened-in gazebo in an old forest at dusk with quartz crystal healing bowls.  Alchemy bowls are also available for an additional charge.

Please contact me for details.

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