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Reboot your energetic system!

chakra cleanse

Join me for this self-paced exploration and upgrade of your entire chakra system!


As the “organs” of your energetic body, a healthy chakra system is an important key to your overall health and wellbeing.  Chakras are designed to always be taking in and releasing energy, not only as a way to sense the environment, but as an energetic “intake and release,” similar to the function that breathing plays for your respiratory system.  


Chakras also function as a cohesive system and are always interacting with each other. Thay are fluid, responsive and sophisticated in nature, acting as an energetic “bridge” between your material life and your spiritual life or your soul.  That means your chakras contain all the experiences, gifts and challenges your soul is here to have and bring forward. 

For each of the 7 chakras, you'll receive:

  • A morning video explaining the location, primary functions and most common distortions for the chakra

  • A daily breathing exercise to help you get a sense of how your chakra is functioning

  • Journaling exercises to explore the underlying reasons for common distortions in the chakra

  • A daily affirmation, to help "reprogram" the chakra

  • An evening meditation, to help cleanse, balance and charge the chakra 

You'll also receive a Chakra Recipe Guide, with recipes for juices, smoothies, teas and simple foods designed to nurture and support each chakra.

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Curious about the energetic shift taking place on the planet? 


Feminine energy is rising.  This powerful, sometimes dark, current is ultimately a balancing force.  In a world that's been heavily skewed toward action, thought and structure (all positive, masculine energetic qualities), the rise of feminine energy can feel destructive and chaotic.  Feminine energy is also nurturing, restoring, relational and receptive.  It's only when those positive expressions have been denied that it can feel a little ruthless. 

Because feminine energy is about wholeness and connection, there's no way to separate out the parts we like from the parts we don't.  It moves as one force, and the beauty and magic of it are only accessible when we embrace its whole expression.  Wholeness is a feminine principle, and as we ride this rising tide of feminine energy, we're moving towards a much-needed rebalancing, though things may get a little messy.

I've been tracking this energetic shift for over a decade now, and I've learned a lot about how it's impacting us individually and collectively.  If you'd like to learn how to navigate this shift with maximum grace and ease, please join me for this online class.  Recordings will be available with registration, for those who can't attend in person.

Some things this class will include:

  • Dimensional states of consciousness - what does that mean?

  • In-depth exploration of the movement into heart-centered or relational consciousness and the many bumps we're likely to encounter along the way

  • Experientials to help you understand how these dimensional spaces feel in your own body

  • Guidance and tools that you can use in your daily life to help you navigate this enormous shift (including how to align with 5th dimensional energies and guides for high-level support)

Download includes: 

  • Original Zoom class recording

  • Class slides (as a PDF)

This is an introductory class (no prior knowledge or experience is necessary). 


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introduction to the relational plane (aka the astral)

The relational plane (or the "astral") is a dimensional space that everyone interacts with, but that few people are consciously aware of.  In this class, we explore the geography of the astral realm and the many ways in which we interact with it every day.  


Some of the things we'll explore include:

  • How the astral dimension functions, including the higher purpose of the astral

  • How our relationships become "dramatized" there

  • Specific astral forms such as hooks, debris, relics and relational cords

  • Tools for clearing your space and aligning with the beautiful beings of love and light that populate the higher astral


You'll learn how to shield and protect your field, as well as how you can work with astral attachments for your highest spiritual growth.  

Download includes:

  • Original Zoom class

  • Class slides (as a PDF)

  • Printed "Guide to the Astral"

This is an introductory class (no prior knowledge or experience is necessary). 



"Really good tools..."

"Made my whole life make sense..."


Deep exploration of 3rd chakra, compression wounding



Healthy boundaries are necessary for healthy relationships, and they can only be learned through interacting with others.  So what if your early childhood experience didn't model healthy boundaries?  What if your parents didn't understand healthy boundaries themselves? 


In this class, we'll be exploring the energetic pattern of compression that oftentimes develops in response to poor boundaries in childhood, as well as the issues it can cause in adulthood (self-sacrifice, self-sabotage, poor self-care, difficulty saying no, co-dependence, relational merging, etc.).  You'll gain tools to help you define exactly what healthy boundaries are for YOU, as well as practical things you can do right now to release your own energetic compression. 

Download includes:

  • Audio recording of original class

  • Two audio meditations (mp3 format)

  • Class handout

  • Guide to Healthy Boundaries, including journaling questions to help you define your boundaries

Healthy Boundaries Cover.png

This is an introductory class (no prior knowledge or experience is necessary). 


Intro to Astral
The Collective Shift
Healthy Boundaries and Invasion

Looking for spiritual community?  Come join us for the New Moon, where we'll connect our hearts, quiet our minds, witness, and support each other in setting positive intentions.  

NEXT CIRCLE:  There are no New Moon circles scheduled at this time.  Please check back.

Want to know how the New Moon will impact your personal chart?  Order your Personal Moon Reading here.

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