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Join me for this self-paced, supported exploration and upgrade of your entire chakra system!

As the “organs” of your energetic body, a healthy chakra system is an important key to your overall health and wellbeing.  Chakras are designed to always be taking in and releasing energy, not only as a way to sense the environment, but as an energetic intake and release, similar to the function that breathing plays for your respiratory system.  


Chakras also function as a cohesive system and are always interacting with each other. They are fluid, responsive and sophisticated in nature, acting as an energetic “bridge” between your material experiences and your spiritual nature or your soul. That means your chakras contain all the experiences, gifts and challenges your soul is here to have and bring forward. 

Join me in exploring, balancing and charging each chakra in your system! This self-paced, supported program is designed to offer both structure and flexibility.


For each of the seven chakras, you'll receive:

A morning video explaining the location, primary functions and most common distortions of the chakra

Day 4 - Heart Chakra (9).jpg

An evening meditation, to help cleanse, balance and charge the chakra 

A daily breathing exercise to help you get a sense of how your chakra is functioning

Day 3 - Solar Plexus Chakra (9).jpg

Journaling exercises to explore the underlying reasons for common distortions in the chakra

A daily affirmation, to help "reprogram" the chakra

affirmation card.png

You'll also receive a Chakra Recipe Guide, which contains recipes for juices, smoothies, teas and simple foods designed to nurture and support each chakra.  


This program is self-paced, so please choose the schedule that works for you (depending on how much time you feel comfortable committing to this process and how deeply you want to explore your energetic system). Whatever schedule you choose, you’ll have the greatest success if you commit to spending a period of time each morning and evening. Your positive intention and commitment to yourself are what matter most.


In this option, you’ll work with one chakra each day, for 7 days, beginning with the Root Chakra and ending with the Crown Chakra. This schedule offers quick results with a regular morning and evening practice.


This schedule offers the deepest exploration, clearing and integration potential. You’ll spend three days deeply exploring each chakra. 


Begin with the Root Chakra, and explore the material at a pace that feels right to you. When you've worked with all the material for one chakra and your exploration feels complete, continue on to the next chakra. 

Committing to this journey can positively impact every area of your life. It can improve your physical, emotional and mental health.  It can positively shift the dynamics of your relationships. It will strengthen your connection to yourself and to Spirit.  And you'll be supported every step of the way!  

Ready to make the commitment to yourself?

After your registration is complete, you'll receive instant access to all of your class material. 

Your Jumpstart Guide contains detailed instructions and sample schedules. All videos, meditations and other tools are yours to keep and refer back to as often as you like. 

I look forward to supporting you on this journey!

Price:  $100


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