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Every human being is composed of many “bodies,” not just the one you can see with your eyes. Your physical body is the most easily visible, because it’s the densest.  The energy it radiates falls within the part of the electromagnetic spectrum that’s visible to your eyes. There are many things that fall outside of this visible range (i.e., radio waves, sound waves, microwaves, etc.) that can be experienced and even measured. Your emotional body, your mental body, and your higher spiritual bodies are made up of energy that falls outside of the visible range.  Although you cannot see these bodies with your physical eyes, you can certainly experience them.  You can feel emotions as they move through you. Some emotions feel good, others unpleasant. It’s the same with your thoughts.

You can think of your energetic body as a system of connections between your physical form and these other aspects of you. It acts like a bridge between what happens in your physical body and what happens in your mind, emotions and spirit or soul. It's the communication link between all of the different aspects of who you are as a whole person.


Have you ever felt nervous about something and gotten a sick feeling in your stomach? Or given yourself a headache from worrying? What you’re feeling is the interaction between your emotional body or mental body and your physical form. A movement in one causes a reaction or a corresponding movement in the other. Similarly, have you ever felt physically stronger, happier or even healthier after a spiritual experience such as listening to a beautiful piece of music, watching the sunrise, or participating in a spiritual activity like yoga or going to church? What you’re feeling is the movement of your higher spiritual bodies causing a resonant movement in your physical body.  All of these interactions are mediated through your energetic body. 

Crown Chakra (White/Purple)

Faith, Insight into Healing, Connection to Divine

Determines your ability to connect with the divine and receive insight into healing.  Blocked by loss of identity or fear of spiritual abandonment.  Maintains neurological system, DNA, skeletal system.  Can be healed through meditating on the oneness of all creation and on white light.  "I am one with all of creation."

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Solar Plexus Chakra (Yellow)

Personal Power, Confidence

Supplies motivation and ambition to achieve goals and make healthy choices.  Grants wisdom and courage, as well as intuitive guidance.  Creates balance in caring for others and caring for self, and in maintaining healthy boundaries. Can be clogged by controlling relationships, low self-esteem, self-sabotage, shame, blame, self-sacrifice, fear of criticism or poor self care.  Maintains digestive tract and major organs, including liver, spleen, gall bladder. Can be healed through establishing healthy boundaries and structure in daily life, especially around health and within relationship.  "I am free."

Heart Chakra (Green)

Relationships, Ability to Love and be Loved

Determines your ability to establish loving relationships and to heal, trust, forgive, hope and feel compassion.  Can be blocked by unprocessed loss, regret, resentment, fear of loneliness, fear of commitment, fear of betrayal, fear of being vulnerable or inability to forgive.  Maintains heart, respiratory system, upper back, breasts.  Can be healed by meditating on forgiveness, compassion, love and trust.  "I forgive.  I love.  I trust.  I accept."

Throat Chakra (Light blue)

Communication, Self-Knowledge, Faith

Determines your openness to receive, as well as your ability to communicate clearly, keep your word, have a sense of self within your profession, speak your personal truth and ask for what you need.  Becomes blocked through a crisis of faith, abandonment, fear of surrendering to a higher power, or prolonged difficulty finding your place in the world.  Maintains throat, mouth, jaw, thyroid, upper digestive tract.  Can be healed through sound, singing or toning, breath work, and meditating on divine will, the divine plan and surrender.  "I  speak my truth. I trust.  I am."

Sacral Chakra (Orange)

Emotions, Creativity and Sexuality

Determines how freely your emotions, sexual energy and creativity flow.  Determines your ability to feel pleasure and to manifest financial abundance.  Can be damaged by pent-up emotions or any kind of abuse, abandonment, trauma, fear of being controlled, fear of addiction, fear of abandonment or financial loss. Maintains reproduction system, lower back, urinary system.  Healed through emotional process and release, movement meditations, and meditation on self-acceptance.  "I love and accept myself."

Third Eye Chakra (Indigo)

Reasoning, Connection to Spirit, Psychic Gifts and Higher Vision

Determines your ability to understand mental concepts, reason and carry out your ideas.  Grants psychic gifts, higher vision and intuitive reasoning and creativity.  Blocked by fear of personal shadow, fear of introspection, fear of discipline or punishment, or fear of external guidance.  Maintains neurological system, spine, brain, eyes, ears, sinuses.  Can be healed by meditating on spiritual masters and unconditional love, doing shadow process work, visualization and breathing exercises.  "I see."

Root Chakra (Red)

Power Base, Physical Body, Family Identity

Determines your ability to feel safe, secure and grounded, strength of your physical body and sense of belonging to family or tribe.  When open, can be used to safely release any unwanted energy to the Earth.  Can be damaged, distorted or clogged if environment at birth and early childhood was chaotic or hostile.  Maintains lower body, including low back, legs and feet.  Can be healed through connecting with the Earth.  "I am safe."



Higher mental body

Connects with spirit, broadcasts spiritual decisions


Higher emotional body

Opens to choices and enacts decisions

Where bliss, unconditional love and spiritual ecstasy are experienced


Eternal self, spiritual reality


Soul level

Attracts, repels and sends guidance

Holds template for physical body, divine will


Attracts and repels relationships

Creates the veil between physical and spiritual worlds


Exists in astral plane, beyond time and space


Filters ideas and beliefs


Screens emotions and feelings


Physical body and

manifest reality


Protection and life energies, energetic image of physical body

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