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In order to gain the most benefit from a healing session or other expanding experience, it’s important that you practice good self-care in the days following a session. You can help yourself integrate more of the benefits of a session by caring for yourself, including eating well and getting enough exercise and rest. Pay attention to how you feel. When energy moves, it may be accompanied by some physical or emotional discomfort. Allow yourself to feel what has been blocked, so that you may more fully release it and reach the higher level of understanding that lies beyond. Above all, be gentle with yourself.

Upon leaving a session, your system is in an expanded state. You may experience this as a lightness, a sense of peace, or clarity on issues that have been concerning you. In the days following a session, you may feel the contraction of your energy into the more familiar compressed or contracted state. To learn more about this process, please see Process of Growth through Expansion and Contraction.

Below are some suggestions to assist you in creating a positive contraction, and some guidelines for how to practice good self-care during this time:

  • Eat clean, healthy food and drink lots of water

  • Take a sea salt bath

  • Meditate or sit in quiet contemplation

  • Spend time out in nature

  • Rest when you need to – naps are great

  • Do a little gentle stretching

  • Journal about your experiences

  • Be fully present with whatever emotions come up, in a "curious observer" fashion (i.e., hold no judgement, just be curious about what you're experiencing and allow it to progress naturally)


Things to avoid:

  • alcohol or recreational drugs

  • negative/violent movies or the evening news

  • video games

  • dealing with issues with your spouse

  • arguing

  • extra or excessively strenuous exercise

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