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Power Base, Physical Body, Family Identity, Boundaries

Determines your ability to feel safe, secure and grounded, strength of your physical body and your sense of belonging to a family or tribe. When open, can be used to safely release any unwanted energy to the Earth. Maintains lower body, including low back, legs and feet.

Can be damaged, distorted or clogged if environment at birth and early childhood was chaotic or hostile. Primary distortion = FEAR. Can be healed through connecting with the Earth and sensory mindfulness meditations. "I am safe."

SANSKRIT NAME: Muladhara (meaning "root support")




SEED SOUND: Lam (pronounced "lahm")


Emotions, Creativity and Sexuality

Determines how freely your emotions, sexual energy and creativity flow. Determines your ability to feel pleasure and to manifest financial abundance. Maintains reproduction system, lower back, urinary system.

Can be damaged by pent-up emotions or any kind of abuse, abandonment, trauma, fear of being controlled, fear of addiction, fear of abandonment or financial loss. Primary distortion = SHAME. Healed through emotional process and release, movement meditations, and meditation on self-acceptance. "I love and accept myself."

SANSKRIT NAME: Svadhishthana (meaning "dwelling place of self")

COLOR: Orange


VOWEL SOUND: "OO" (like the "oo" in "Moo")

SEED SOUND: Vam (pronounced "vahm")


Personal Power, Confidence

Supplies motivation and ambition to achieve goals and make healthy choices. Grants wisdom and courage, as well as intuitive guidance. Creates balance in caring for others and caring for self, and in maintaining healthy boundaries. Maintains digestive tract and major organs, including liver, spleen, gall bladder.

Can be clogged by controlling relationships, self-sabotage, shame, blame, self-sacrifice, fear of criticism or poor self-care. Primary distortion = ANGER. Healed by establishing healthy boundaries and structure, especially around health and within relationship. "I am free."

SANSKRIT NAME: Manipura (meaning "seat of gems")

COLOR: Yellow


VOWEL SOUND: "O" (like the "o" in "row")

SEED SOUND: Ram (pronounced "rahm")


Relationships, Ability to Love and be Loved

Determines your ability to establish loving relationships and to heal, trust, forgive, hope and feel compassion. Maintains heart, respiratory system, upper back, breasts.

Can be blocked by unprocessed loss, regret, resentment, fear of loneliness, fear of commitment, fear of betrayal, fear of being vulnerable or inability to forgive. Primary distortion = GRIEF. Can be healed by meditating on forgiveness, compassion, love and trust. "I forgive. I love. I trust. I accept."

SANSKRIT NAME: Anahata (meaning "unstuck, unhurt, unbeaten")

COLOR: Green


VOWEL SOUND: "Ah" (like the "aa" in "baa")

SEED SOUND: Yam (pronounced "yahm")


Communication, Self-Knowledge, Faith

Determines your openness to receive, as well as your ability to communicate clearly, keep your word, have a sense of self within your profession, speak your personal truth and ask for what you need. Maintains throat, mouth, jaw, thyroid, upper digestive tract.

Becomes blocked through a crisis of faith, abandonment, fear of surrendering to a higher power, or prolonged difficulty finding your place in the world. Primary distortion = UNTRUTH. Can be healed through sound, singing or toning, breath work, and meditating on divine will, the divine plan and surrender. "I speak my truth. I trust. I am."

SANSKRIT NAME: Vissudha (meaning "purification")



VOWEL SOUND: "I" (like "eye")

SEED SOUND: Ham (pronounced "hahm")


Reasoning, Connection to Spirit, Psychic Gifts and Higher Vision

Determines your ability to understand mental concepts, reason and carry out your ideas. Grants psychic gifts, higher vision and intuitive reasoning and creativity. Maintains neurological system, spine, brain, eyes, ears, sinuses.

Blocked by fear of personal shadow, fear of introspection, fear of discipline or punishment, or fear of external guidance. Primary distortion = ILLUSION.

Can be healed by meditating on spiritual masters and unconditional love, doing shadow process work, visualization and breathing exercises. "I see."

SANSKRIT NAME: Ajna (meaning "beyond wisdom" or "perceive")

COLOR: Indigo


VOWEL SOUND: "A" (like the "ay" in "hay")

SEED SOUND: Om (pronounced "ohm")


Faith, Insight into Healing, Connection to Divine

Determines your ability to connect with the divine and receive insight into healing. Grant higher powers. Controls ability to perceive, analyze and assimilate information. Maintains neurological system, DNA, skeletal system.

Blocked by loss of identity, forced religion or invalidation of belief systems, misinformation, or fear of spiritual abandonment. Primary distortion = ATTACHMENT.

Can be healed through meditating on the oneness of all creation and on white light. "I am one with all of creation."

SANSKRIT NAME: Sahasrara (meaning "thousand petaled")

COLOR: Purple or white

ELEMENT: Thought

VOWEL SOUND: "EE" (like the "ee" in "see")

SEED SOUND: Ngg (like the "ing" in "ring")


Jan 20, 2023

A day after completing throat chakra, and working on 3rd eye, I came down with an awful sore throat, and head cold. Is it common to develop physical symptoms when clearing a chakra?

Kim Lohret
Kim Lohret
Jan 24, 2023
Replying to

So sorry you've been uncomfortable! Hopefully, you're starting to feel better.

And yes, it’s not unusual at all for people to experience physical symptoms when they’re working with underlying energetic issues. Oftentimes, when things are clearing energetically, there's a corresponding physical clearing. The body is the last "layer" of the field that clears, and so physical symptoms can be a very good sign that you're integrating a deeper clearing.

This is usually as you describe... a sore throat, some stomach discomfort, a slight cold, etc. The body has certain built-in mechanisms for clearing (coughing, mucous, sweating, vomit, etc.). Sometimes colds are just an activation of this clearing mechanism to aid the deeper process. If the energy is merely moving out…


I just completed the Throad Chakra video, breathing exercise and journaling of the first question. To my surprise, what came out for me was the memory of being told as a child that "children should be seen and not heard." Pondering that has given me a lot of insight into why I avoid large gatherings where conversations take place that I do not feel comfortable contributing to. Unfortunately, I remember saying the same thing to my children.

Replying to

Thank you. This is comforting to know.


Does it have any significance when you breathe in the color yellow and exhale the same color?

Kim Lohret
Kim Lohret
Jan 10, 2023
Replying to

The colors can give you a sense of the type of energy that’s there. So if you breathe in yellow and breathe out yellow, it can indicate that the chakra is already “charged” with this energy.

So what does that mean? Well, it can mean that this chakra is functioning well. It’s healthy and full of energy. Alternately, it can indicate that this chakra is “overcharged,“ meaning too much energy is flowing through this chakra compared to the rest of your system. As this is your primary “will” chakra, it can mean you have a healthy, strong will OR that you overuse your will.

This chakra is overused for many people, as we live in a very driven world, especially…


The sacral chakra meditation definitely stirred up some repressed emotions and feelings for me.

Kim Lohret
Kim Lohret
Jan 10, 2023
Replying to

Yes, this chakra is the "doorway to the emotional body," so the emotional residue of any experience that wasn't fully processed would still live here. Allowing yourself to be present with any feelings that arise is one of the quickest ways to release distortions and heal this chakra. Please be kind and patient with yourself as you work with this, and of course if you need further support, don't hesitate to reach out.💜


I recently completed the 7-day chakra cleanse and was amazed at how much fear I hold in my body, some I was aware of and some were revelations for me. After completing the 7-day chakra cleanse, I knew that I wanted to start the 21-day chakra cleanse. Last night, after completing the second day of the "Root" chakra cleanse, I discovered a major fear, one that I have vehemently denied for a major part of my life--the fear of death.

Kim Lohret
Kim Lohret
Jan 10, 2023
Replying to

Thank you so much for sharing this! The fear of death is one of the deepest fears we all hold. For many people, it's a denied fear, or something that exists only in shadow. That makes it more difficult to contact, and it can feel quite unnerving when we do. The fact that you contacted it shows that you're ready to reclaim something here.

Because this fear can feel so big, I encourage you to go slowly as you work with it. Don't think so much about "overcoming" or "clearing" it. Rather, allow this very human fear to be witnessed and held with compassion. As you work with the fear of death, you're working with all of your deepest e…

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