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Integrative Healing


Integrative Healing Sessions

Integrative healing sessions are a combination of energy work, somatic therapy, breathwork and spiritual counseling.  Typically, we'll spend a few minutes discussing what's been happening in your life, any particular challenges you're experiencing, and your intentions for areas in your life where you haven't yet created what you want or would like to experience change. We may then explore (using movement or breathing techniques) where your experience is held in your body.  


Thereafter, I will perform an in-depth assessment of your energetic field, noting the places where energy is not flowing or where there are chronic muscular and energetic blocks. If appropriate, I will work directly with some of these energetic blocks to gently shift them. I'm trained in many modalities, and if a complementary technique (such as sound healing) is called for, I may make a suggestion to incorporate the technique. If you agree, we can include the technique as part of the session or explore it in a separate session.  Movement and breathwork usually take place in a chair or on a mat, and energy work is conducted fully clothed on a massage table. For Zoom or phone sessions, it's best if you find a space where you won't be disturbed and can move freely and sit or lie down.  

During in-person energy work, I will place my hands lightly upon or above your body, focusing on the joints and chakra points, as well as any area in which you're experiencing physical discomfort. During a session, most people report feeling deeply relaxed. You may experience physical sensations, such as tingling or heat. Some people experience a noticeable physical or emotional “shift.” Because integrative healing is a powerful approach, challenging feelings and memories sometimes arise in the course of a session. I will always do my best to help you integrate and ground an energetic shift and any uncomfortable feelings/memories that may accompany it. I will also work to help you understand the experience in the context of your larger soul journey, so that you may center into a more expanded awareness of yourself. 

As everyone's healing journey is different, each session is different. I encourage you to ask questions and share what you're experiencing throughout the session, so I can more closely attune to you and your experience.  Oftentimes, specific guidance is offered regarding practical things you can do to move toward a greater state of balance and wholeness in your daily life. At the end of the session, I will offer information on the patterns being held in your energetic body and their likely cause. I will also offer suggestions for what you can do between sessions to continue the healing process at home.  Significant relief can occur in one session, but true and lasting transformation happens over time.  After our initial consultation, if you'd like to pursue integrative healing work, please consider booking at least three sessions. 

Some of the modalities I use during integrative healing sessions include:

  • sound healing*

  • breathwork

  • somatic therapy (Core Energetics)

  • dream work

  • past life work

  • relational cord restructuring

  • astral clearing

  • guided visualization/meditation

  • ancestral work

  • mindfulness

  • chakra restructuring

  • soul retrieval

  • energetic initiations and brain balancing


Regular session - 75 minutes - $115

"Extended" session - 90-minutes - $135

"Short" session - 60 minutes - $95

You can complete your intake forms here

Please note: I am not trained to work with clients with schizophrenia, borderline personality disorder, multiple personality disorder, bipolar disorder or other serious mental illnesses.

*I do also offer separate Sound Healing Sessions, which offer an opportunity to simply relax and be bathed in the healing vibrations of frosted quartz bowls or quartz alchemy bowls. For more information on sound healing sessions, please visit my Sound Healing page


Can integrative healing help with....[fatigue, anxiety, lyme disease, chronic pain]...?

Integrative healing treats the entire person. Unlike traditional medicine, which focuses on the removal of a particular symptom, the healing modalities I utilize work together to treat the underlying issues, so that overall health (physical, emotional, mental and spiritual) can be restored. The effects of healing work are global, versus targeted. Physical symptoms, especially chronic conditions, are seen as the cumulative effect of blocked energy, repressed emotions or distortions in thinking over long periods of time. Energy medicine intervenes at the energetic level where thought, belief and emotion intersect with the body. Somatic work helps us access the places where trauma is stored in the body. Together, these are powerful tools in maintaining or restoring relational, spiritual, mental, emotional and physical health. It is, however, difficult to predict where the improvement will be experienced. Because your system is unified and everything is connected, a shift in one area of the body is likely to improve symptoms in a variety of places. 

How many sessions will it take?

How long it takes to restore a sense of wholeness depends on many factors. In my experience, the more motivated you are to heal and the more willing you are to challenge yourself, the faster it will happen. My role is to support you in your natural healing process. 

For most people, change is experienced relatively quickly, although how the change manifests is difficult to determine ahead of time. Because your system operates as an integrated whole, shifts can be experienced in many areas of your life simultaneously, or have a slower, cascading effect. Once the energy or stuck pattern is released, it will need to be integrated throughout all the aspects of your life (relational, emotional, spiritual, mental, physical). Change can manifest in any one of these areas individually, or in all of them simultaneously. After a session, you may find you have increased energy, or notice improvements in your close relationships. You may think more clearly or feel less angry or "triggered." You may feel more deeply connected to your spiritual self. Or you may experience an improvement in health. Although some relief from physical symptoms such as pain and fatigue oftentimes occurs in just a few sessions, full integration of the blocked energy is necessary for permanent change. Fortunately, the physical body is designed to heal. Once energy is flowing freely again, the natural capacity of the body is restored, and it naturally heals. In other words, when you change how you think, feel and relate through changing the way you move energy through your system, your body naturally heals.

What if I don't have a spiritual practice or believe in God?

The foundation of the healing work I do is integrative and includes an understanding of spirituality, although how that's defined is unique to everyone I work with.  I fully believe we are immortal souls on a journey of learning through human experience. This is not a static or rigid belief, but something I've personally experienced or witnessed again and again throughout my life and in my work. Experience has shown me that all energy flows from a divine source, descending into intention, beliefs, emotions and physical form. Distortions at the spiritual level effect every other level of experience. Shifts at this level also have the greatest potential for whole life healing.


Despite this, I will never ask you to subscribe to any particular belief system. I may offer an alternate point of view or encourage you to look within yourself for answers that have meaning to you. You are free to work with these suggestions in any way you choose. It's my intention to always honor you and your experience. 

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Book your FREE 15-minute consultation for a personal assessment of what healing work can do for you.

"Well, today my heart is full and I feel as if  I am in expansion. I'm a bit baffled...I wouldn't believe that could be possible during a global crisis. Only a session with you could create that and I am astounded, grateful, and deeply appreciative of your gift."


All in-person integrative healing appointments and sound healing appointments are being scheduled at:

23 Lea Drive

Delanson, NY  12053

(518) 573-7001


This is a private residence.  The number is on the mailbox.  Please park to the right side of the driveway, close to the garage doors.  Entrance to my office is through the garage. 

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Package of 3 integrative healing sessions

Three 75-minute sessions - $300

($45 savings)

New client special package is non-refundable, non-transferable and must be used within 6 months.

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