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All healing is a movement toward wholeness and connection.  It's a deeply transformational process, involving not just the physical body, but the mind, emotions, will and spirit. 

The Mind-Body-Spirit Connection

Have you ever felt nervous about something and gotten a sick feeling in your stomach?  Or given yourself a headache from worrying?  Conversely, have you ever felt physically stronger, happier or even healthier after a positive experience such as listening to a beautiful piece of music, watching the sunrise or going to church?  What you’re feeling is the interaction between your mind, your emotions, and your physical body.



Every thought and feeling you have affects your physical body in some way. Your body will respond to the thoughts you're habitually thinking and the emotions you're habitually feeling.   

Female Dancer


Your body is the "record-keeper" of all your thoughts, feelings and experiences. Negative images, blocked emotion and trauma get "locked" in the body, resulting in tension, holding, and patterns of pain or disease. Many times, these patterns can be traced to earlier painful experiences.



You are more than the physical form you see. Your spirit or soul is complex and ancient. Your body, in sickness and health, is the perfect guide for understanding your deepest soul lessons, as well as uncovering your greatest soul gifts. Healing is the natural result of an evolution of consciousness.

An Integrative Method

Healing work is a deeply transformational process. I have studied many modalities and am a certified psychosomatic practitioner and reiki master. In my work, I utilize many approaches to address the whole person. Through movement, breath and body work, it's possible to gain a felt experience of the interconnected nature of body, emotions, mind and spirit. Through energy work, places in the body where energy isn't moving freely can be identified. Oftentimes, challenges being experienced now reflect fixed, energetic or emotional patterns developed during earlier, difficult life experiences.

Healing work can also offer insight into your deepest experience, the kinds of lessons that you're learning and the gifts you're here to share. Integrative healing is not only a method for working with physical, emotional and relational difficulties. It can also provide a doorway into deeper knowledge and facilitate an evolution of consciousness.

Reiki Therapy

Energy Medicine

Energy is the unifying force behind everything. Everything is made of energy, including your body, your thoughts and your emotions. There is a natural intelligence at work within your subtle energetic field. This intelligence strives to keep your system operating in a healthy, balanced state.  When energy flows freely, your physical body receives what it needs to maintain vibrant health.  Mental, emotional and physical health is a natural outcome of a balanced system. 


Trauma and blocked emotion can cause blocks within this energy field, which not only impacts your physical health, but keeps you locked in limiting emotional, relational and behavioral patterns. Oftentimes, these patterns are rooted in earlier painful experiences, in which you experienced fear, abandonment, invasion, betrayal or rejection. 

Some of the energetic healing modalities I use include:

  • sound healing

  • relational cord restructuring

  • astral clearing

  • guided visualization/meditation

  • ancestral work

  • chakra restructuring

Pilates Exercise

Psychosomatic Process

Core Energetics, developed by John Pierrakos, MD, is a synthesis of body-centered psychotherapy and spiritual development. Breathwork, simple movements and exercises are designed to create awareness, increase charge, contain energy and release blocks.  

Belief systems, habitual emotional responses and coping mechanisms are not simply psychological in nature but are deeply anchored in the physical body. Somatic therapy can provide the "missing piece" for healing. The body remembers, even when we don't have any conscious awareness of what it's holding.  When we lovingly invite the body to reveal what's stored in its tissues, habitual patterns can be released or evolved. New insight and understanding can be gained around limiting subconscious "images."

Some of the somatic techniques I use include:

  • breathwork

  • slow movement and body mindfulness exercises

  • stretching

  • expressive movement to release held emotions

  • vocalization

  • grounding, charging and discharging postures

Integrative Healing Sessions are a combination of energy work, psychosomatic therapy, breathwork and spiritual/intuitive counseling. It's my intention to be present with all of who you are, and to create a safe and supportive environment in which you can explore and experience more of your authentic self.  Want to learn more?

We live in a world of attraction, magnetism and resonance, where our  vibration and our expectations determine our experience.


Aligning with Earth's Natural Rhythms

Life on this planet is both cyclical and dualistic. Everything moves in a circular pattern through states of being that seem in opposition to each other.

Chakras and the Energy Body

Every human being is composed of many “bodies,” not just the one you can see with your eyes. (See also CHAKRAS for a summary of the colors, sounds and elements associated with each Chakra.)

Healthy Energetic Boundaries

Here are a few simple tools that are very effective for quickly clearing your energetic field. These should be done as a daily practice, in the morning, evening or both.

Expansion, Contraction and Integration

Growth occurs through a process of expanding, contracting and integrating.  Each of these phases is an equally important part of your healing journey.

Higher Self, Lower Self and the Mask

Together, these three aspects make up your essential nature. As you work to relinquish your mask and purify your lower self, more and more of the light of your higher self can pass through.

Using Affirmations to Change Your Operating System

We all have an "operating system"...that set of ideas or beliefs we've built around how the world works. Your life, for better or worse, is a mirror of your beliefs.

Care After a Healing Session

In order to gain the most benefit from a healing session or other expanding experience, it’s important that you practice good self-care in the days following a session.

Grounding Techniques

Being grounded means being fully present.  When you’re grounded, you are fully present in your physical body (not your head). You feel safe and can easily connect with Mother Earth and her rhythms. In order to ground, you need to have an open root chakra.

Understanding Resistance

One of the things you’ll have to deal with on the path of healing is resistance. Simply put, resistance is all the things that are going to get in the way of your healing. It's all the reasons why you can't (or don't want to) grow and expand.

Facing Your Shadow

Everyone has a shadow. It's called a shadow, not only because of its connection to your dark side, but because it tends to remain hidden. 

Understanding Defenses

In your natural state, energy flows in a balanced way. Unfortunately, most of us have learned how to function in a chronic state of imbalance or lack. This defensive state is so familiar, you might not even realize it's there.

As a young child, your energy body was very open and sensitive. (Defensive Pattern guides are designed to help clients who are actively working with specific patterns identified in session.)


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Rituals, when done mindfully, are exercises in bringing the sacred down to earth.  Rituals connect us to our history and our ancestors and strengthen the energetic bonds between us.  They provide comfort and stability in a world that's always changing.  They help us align our intentions with our actions.

Click Here for Equinox and Solstice rituals, New Moon and Full Moon rituals, one-minute meditations, journaling exercises and more!

join me for this self-paced exploration and upgrade of your entire energetic system!


Abstract Paint

The relational plane (or the "astral") is a dimensional space that everyone interacts with, but that few people are consciously aware of.  In this class, we explore the geography of the astral realm and the many ways in which we interact with it every day.  


Wooden Door

Curious about the energetic shift taking place? Feminine energy is rising as a balancing force to a world that's been heavily skewed toward masculine energy. This class offers guidance and tools that you can use in your daily life to help you navigate this enormous shift.



Healthy boundaries are necessary for healthy relationships, and they can only be learned through interacting with others.  So what if your early childhood experience didn't model healthy boundaries?



Zodiac Chart

Want to know how the New Moon will impact your personal chart?



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