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Want to know how the next New Moon will impact your personal chart?

Life on this planet is both cyclical and dualistic. Everything moves in a circular pattern through states of being that seem in opposition to each other. The Moon passes through its phases as it circles the Earth, being highlighted by the Sun or hidden by the Earth. The dark face of the Moon grows in light, reaches fullness and then gives way to emptiness once again.

With the Sun representing outer life and consciousness, and the Moon representing inner life and the subconscious, the dance of the Moon through its phases and through the signs of the zodiac over a course of a year effects all of life.  Each influence is subtle, yet powerful, building as cycles within cycles of energy that help us grow.  One of the easiest ways to start aligning energetically with this natural flow is through working with Moon cycles. 

Each New Moon begins a new 6-month cycle.  During this cycle, something starts as a seed in your subconscious and slowly grows, becoming more visible and eventually manifesting as an expression in your outer world that then integrates into your consciousness.  This makes New Moons a very powerful time to set intentions for what you'd like to see manifesting in your life over the next 6 months.  


These readings will include an overview of the general themes of the Moon cycle, as well as information on where this Moon will occur in your personal chart, what areas of your life it will likely be impacting, and how you can best work with it. 

An accurate birth date, including day, time and place are necessary for these readings.



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