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Winter 2012 Newsletter

With December 21st just around the corner, I am being reminded again and again that we are in a time of transition – a time of endings and beginnings. I know many of us are being urged to make changes – to let go of things that no longer serve us and to embrace new possibilities. This may mean finally making the decision to leave an unsatisfying job or relationship, moving a home or a business, or letting go of the beliefs that hold us back but that are so deeply rooted within us, it feels as if we must tear our very souls apart to unearth them. As our new world is being birthed, we are, indeed, feeling the labor pains.

I know many of you have been deeply challenged by the events taking place in Connecticut. It is so difficult to keep centered when our hearts are crying out to those parents, children and teachers - even the young man who felt so lost that something unimaginable for most people seemed to him like the only way out. I, too, have been touched by this event, and in seeking guidance have found some comfort, which I’d like to share.

From my guides:

“It is in great tragedy that mankind comes together. You have seen the effect, the heart-opening that happens when one feels the deepest pain of another. Your world is on the threshold of a new day, a new way of existing and being in communion with each other, and the blocks that prevent this MUST be torn down. There can be no blocks between hearts or the new way cannot be realized. And the blocks you have erected between each other are strong – so strong that great force is required to rip them apart. This may be experienced as pain, but we assure you it is an act of great love! From our perspective, the beauty that is revealed cannot be equaled. When hearts are in communion with one another, there exists the potential for great things. And you stand at this doorway now. Do you want to remake the world? Do you want to find more peaceful ways of living with each other, more loving ways of communicating, more truthful ways of living, more harmonious ways of interacting with the planet? This is what is at stake!”

​​I was then shown what these beautiful, brave, little souls have accomplished – the new lines of energy running all over the planet as parents remember how very precious their children are, as people reach out in compassion and love to strangers who are suffering, and as we all go within for a little soul-searching. My guides continued saying, “When was the last time you saw so many hearts opening simultaneously?”

They went on to describe how traumatic events like these (including the string of violent storms we’ve had in recent times) are like waves hitting upon the shore. Although they sometimes feel like giants that threaten to break us, my guides assured me that these waves “break only the hard parts – the stones within your hearts, and will leave your planet cleansed and soft once again.”

I believe we are standing at the threshold of a new world. Old ways are coming to an end, and this means a drastic change in the way we live (for the better!). That is not to say the way hasn’t been hard, and I think we will be asked to look at all the places in which we aren’t living in love again and again.

I’ve thought a lot about why this young man chose an elementary school – and I see that our attention has been called to a very specific place where change NEEDS to happen. How can we embrace a new world in which everyone matters and everyone is valued and honored for who they are, without our educational system drastically changing?

I know of SO many children who struggle in that system – who simply don’t fit, despite incredible intelligence, compassion and talent. We can no longer afford to shuttle our precious children through a system built on fear, separation and competition, wondering what to do about bullying, about security, about gun laws, etc., as if the problem lies somewhere else. We must all understand that when one of us suffers, we all suffer. And I can think of no better place to begin honoring each other than with our children.

During this time of year, when a child was born to bring great love and light to the world through his sacrifice, perhaps the time is finally right. Perhaps we’re finally ready to receive that gift. Let’s realize that dream by not losing ourselves in the sacrifice aspect, but by finding what matters most: each other. Let’s breathe through these labor pains and plan for how we can nurture a newly born world. What do you want to contribute?

All my love,


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