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The Hero's Journey

As summer draws to a close and we enter the season of harvesting, I’ve been finding myself looking back upon the year and all the changes it has brought. For me, it seems that every self-limiting belief I’ve ever held is being brought out and highlighted somewhere in my life this year, so I can look at it, decide whether I want to continue with that belief, and then either let it go or accept it. I’ve been challenged again and again to surrender, to let go of my doubts, my fears, my plans and even my understanding of who I am.

Though this process is in a constant state of flow, the steps are now familiar to me. Feeling like I’m hitting a wall. Finding the place of surrender within the discomfort. Trusting there’s a better way, and that if I sit in it, it will be shown to me in time. Connecting with my heart and honestly feeling the pain that lives there. And then surrendering again, believing that God is love, and love is joyful, and that as I traverse this dark place, I’m being led by capable hands. On the other side, there’s a new version of me, a better version, an upgrade.

I see my clients going through this process again and again. They are so brave, and I love them all for it! It's truly the hero’s journey. And when the upgrade comes, it’s a beautiful thing.

​For me, traversing these places of fear and doubt are like opening up doors to places I didn’t know existed within me. And each time I face the fear and unlock the door, a flood of new energy rushes in to meet me. It’s like breathing for the first time, a rush of air into my lungs, and life is somehow brighter or lighter or more fun or beautiful.

Sometimes it’s all of these things simultaneously, and I’m blessed with moments in an ordinary day that are far from ordinary. I know then that I've removed another one of the blocks that prevents me from experiencing absolute joy all the time, and I’m reinvigorated for the months that lie ahead, and the challenges I know will be presented to me, so that I can master this even more and become an even greater expression of Who I Truly Am.

It seems to me that as each of us does this individually, we are serving the collective. When we, as individuals, have the courage to go within and face our pain and our shadow selves, without judgment, but with compassion and a desire to heal, we simultaneously heal the splits in the world. I believe this is precisely what the world needs. How else can all the warring factions within the world begin to come together, unless we are willing to create peace within our own warring factions? How can we create peace between these places within us that we deny exist, our shadow selves, the pain we’ve buried or numbed ourselves to?

I believe as we heal the splits within ourselves, as individuals, we radiate the energy of healing out into the world. This creates a powerful energetic template that warring nations or warring political parties can more easily step into. It makes a space of love, where the ego can relax and these divisions can be mended. It’s not about winning, as there is no enemy. It’s about viewing places of fear with love, and allowing that love to transform the fear until it’s something truly beautiful.

And it all starts within each of us. We are truly powerful, and all that power lies within. I'm so gratified to see so many incredibly brave people stepping up to do this work. It gives me great hope.

At the same time, I’ve seen how “Unity Consciousness” is becoming more prevalent. I see groups working everywhere, at every level, to heal the world. I see people standing up and saying we’re not separate from the Earth or from each other. We are all one! Like cells in a body. And none of us are served, unless all of us are served.

I see this playing out in our politics, where the old ways of separation and competition are fighting hard. I think this mirrors the old ways within each of us that are fighting hard for survival, as well. And we can simply acknowledge this, giving the parts of us that are terribly afraid some support and a space to be. The new way is coming! I find when I can surrender to it with grace and trust, the way becomes more clear

That’s not to say it’s easy. But I see the connections between us becoming stronger, as if whatever blocked us from seeing this before is softening its hold. Again and again, I hear parallel stories from clients and friends who all seem to be going through the same thing, as if there are common threads weaved between them. I’m reminded in these moments that, at a subatomic level, we are all made of precisely the same thing. Forms change, like water temporarily taking the shape of its container or crystallizing into an ice sculpture for a time. The shapes may appear separate and different, but ultimately, it’s all water, and it’s meant to flow.

Energy moves. It flows from one person to the next, constantly moving, changing, effecting us, and the currents flowing right now are strong. This makes it possible for each of us to make incredible strides. I don’t know if we’ll ever have another moment like this, but I say, seize it!

To help those of you who want to do this work, I’ve posted several new meditations on my webpage. (Click here to access them.) These meditations have all been developed while teaching a class in childhood wounding, and were designed to address one of the major fears (fear of annihilation, fear of abandonment, fear of invasion, fear of betrayal or fear of rejection/imperfection).

This class has been incredibly powerful for me, individually, and for the group, collectively, and I want to thank everyone who participated in it. The meditations are free to download, and please feel free to share them with anyone you think might benefit from them.

My recommendation is that you commit to doing the same meditation every day for at least a week. The fears and defenses they address are highly ingrained in all of us. Most of these meditations were given to me by my guides and carry a high vibration. I’ve found that it takes several days (maybe even weeks) before the impact of the energy being channeled in these meditations can really begin to be integrated.

There’s also a new link on my website to a site that creates beautiful meditation, healing and moon candles. (Click here to visit Candles by Aiya.) These candles are each individually crafted, intuitively guided, and infused with healing energy. I use them in my personal practice, and have felt the clear intention infused within them. It doesn’t hurt that they’re beautiful to look at and smell nice, too!

Lastly, I want to leave you with some questions to reflect upon. Is there something practical you can do right now to heal a split in your life? What relationships need mending? Is there a way to bring more of your beautiful, loving essence out? Any effort you put into this practice will be radiated out into the collective unconsciousness. What seeds of peace and unity do you wish to plant?

All my love to each of you! ~Kim

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