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New Moon Circles
$25 suggested donation

There are no New Moon Circles scheduled at this time...

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A Moon Circle is a safe, sacred space where everyone is welcome.  In sacred circle, we can feel truly supported and witnessed. 

Life on this planet is both cyclical and dualistic.  Everything moves in a circular pattern through states of being that seem in opposition to each other. Earth moves in roughly a circular orbit around the sun, creating the movement through the seasons. Winter becomes spring. The moon passes through its phases as it circles the earth. Fullness gives way to emptiness. The sun rises and the earth is bathed in light and warmth, then disappears, leaving us in darkness. Plants grow, die, birth new seeds and sprout again. In a Moon Circle, we consciously honor these natural cycles.

Want to understand how to work with the subtle energies of Moon Cycles?


A Moon Circle usually begins with calling in and honoring the directions (North, South, East and West) and the elements (Earth, Fire, Air and Water). We then connect with the Earth below us and all of her guides and guardians (plants, animals and minerals) and with the Sky above us and all the heavenly guides and guardians who love and support us. Finally, we center into our hearts, so that we can meet each other in sacred space as true, loving witnesses.


Once sacred circle has been created, we spend a few moments talking about the current cycle of the moon and the prevailing energies for the upcoming cycle. The circle is then open for sharing and intention setting.  Alchemy healing bowls, selected to align with the particular energies of that moon cycle, may be played for part of the circle, or an activity that's related to the energies of the cycle may be planned.  When complete, we close the circle by thanking the elements, the directions, the earth, and the heavens.

Circles are powerful energetic containers.  Intentions set within circle at the New Moon are held and supported within that container for the entire moon cycle.  This container can help support your intention at the unseen levels, helping to carry it out into the world and its real-life expression.   


Everyone is welcome!  By entering into sacred circle, you agree to keep everything that's shared strictly confidential. You commit to honoring your fellow circle participants. This means working to remain non-judgmental and accepting of their paths, challenges, hopes, struggles and dreams.  


During sharing time, each person is given an opportunity to speak from their heart. This is an opportunity to be witnessed in your personal experience or to share an intention for the upcoming cycle. To facilitate sharing, a small rose quartz heart is usually passed around the circle. If you'd prefer not to speak when the heart is passed to you, you may choose to be witnessed in silence for a moment or simply hand the heart to the next person in the circle. In circle, we witness each other and offer support, always remembering that everyone's journey is their own to take. Please refrain from speaking until it's your turn and from giving advice to other circle participants. This is a way of acknowledging that all wisdom comes from within, and that the small voice inside each of us is our best guide.  

All circles are held at:  23 Lea Drive, Delanson, NY

This is a private residence.  The number is on the mailbox.

Circles are held in a screened-in gazebo, at the edge of an old growth forest, weather permitting.  This allows us to connect more deeply with nature.  You will likely hear frogs, crickets and maybe even a family of barred owls.  For the winter months, circle will be held indoors.

Folding chairs will be available, but feel free to bring slippers, pillows, mats, blankets or anything else that will help you feel comfortable. Please remember to dress for the weather!  


SPACE IS LIMITED.  Please reserve your date(s) below.  New dates added regularly, so please check back.  I look forward to being with you!!



Can't join us, but still want to connect with the energies of the next New Moon?  Consider a Personal Moon Reading.


Which circle(s) would you like to attend?
Reservations for Moon Circle
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