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Heal your Deepest Wounds

Embody your Highest Destiny

You are much larger than this one lifetime.  Your soul is eternal and ancient.  You've lived in many times and many places.  You've had many experiences, some pleasant and others deeply challenging.


Like chapters in a book, your many lifetimes tell a story.  Each lifetime offers you a chance to learn or explore something new.  Each experience develops your unique, soul story.  With each challenge you master, you move toward a greater state of balance and self-understanding.  There are no right or wrong paths, as each path offers a chance to master a certain kind of challenge and to grow. 

In Soul Path Healing, we step back and look at your life in the context of your soul's, longer journey.  From here, we can glimpse the hidden fears and deep, soul longings that continue to shape your experience, oftentimes from shadow.  We can free trapped essence and break repeating cycles that are no longer serving your growth.  Soul Path Healing can help you understand the kinds of experiences you're here to have and the "big lessons" you're here to learn.  

The Three Pillars of Soul Path Healing

Your Soul Path journey begins with your Soul Path Reading.  These readings are created using intuitive and astrological data (an accurate birth time is necessary).  Soul Path Readings offer a powerful glimpse of the map your soul is here to follow. 


Your Soul Path journey continues with a series of 5 one-on-one Integrative Healing Sessions.  After you've had an opportunity to listen to each of the recordings, we will meet to work with the deepest healing potentials your Soul Path Reading has revealed.  

Your journey will be supported throughout by Support Material.  These materials are designed to give you a better understanding of the map of your soul, as well as to offer ongoing support for the integration of your healing work. 

Compass Pointing North


The keys to your deepest healing can be found in your Soul Path Reading.  As part of your healing journey, you'll receive an in-depth intuitive and astrological reading.  Your reading will be delivered as four, separate audio recordings, one for each of the four foundations of Soul Path Healing (your emotional attunement, your history, your deepest wounds, and your highest destiny).  In your reading, we'll explore your "axis of incarnation," or the particular sphere of experience your soul is here to explore, as well as the Symbolic Gates your soul has incarnated through. 



As part of your Soul Path Healing journey, you'll receive 5, one-on-one Integrative Healing sessions.  Each session will focus on one aspect of your soul's journey, as revealed through your Soul Path Reading.  In these sessions, we'll uncover the hidden wounds that hold you back and utilize powerful tools for healing them.  In these sessions, we'll activate your highest healing potential, connect with your inner child for deep emotional healing, and explore how your early family experience is related to your soul's journey in this lifetime. 



Each part of your journey will be fully supported by guide-books that can help you go deeper, as well as recorded meditations, activations and guided journeys that you can access again and again.  These materials are specifically designed to help you not only understand the journey of your soul, but to support your most profound healing by helping you come back to the truth of your innate wholeness as a divine being. 


Soul Path Healing is the culmination of all that I've learned, working for many years as a healer, somatic practitioner, spiritual guide and astrologer.  In many modalities, healing takes an "outside-in" approach.  That is, healing is sought to address a specific, troubling symptom, such as a physical illness, emotional discomfort, or a challenging relationship.  The goal is to remove the symptom, so life can "get back to normal."  


Even on this outward-in healing journey, however, it isn't long before we begin to see that these symptoms are actually just surface manifestations of deeper energetic and emotional patterns.  Each of us develops defensive patterns in early childhood that limit us.  Oftentimes, these patterns have roots in very early, family dynamics or experiences that we were too young to even remember.  As we live in a world of attraction, magnetism and resonance, these patterns continue to attract matching experiences.  They also continue to shape our reactions to them.  These deeper patterns must be evolved for lasting healing to occur.  When we begin to understand our patterns, much can be learned.  This kind of healing work can be very effective, particularly when the wisdom of the body is allowed to lead the way. 

The deepest and most profound healing comes when we understand that these troubling symptoms are actually echoes of even deeper patterns.  Like ripples in a pond, our challenging, soul memories have a way of echoing through time.  Experiences that rocked us to the core leave deep imprints on the soul.  These experiences linger in the hidden recesses of the soul, as long-forgotten decisions about the nature of life or our place within it.  Soul decisions are powerful.  They continue to ripple though time until our understanding evolves and we make different choices.

Soul Path Healing came about when I began to see that many of the deep, childhood patterns my clients were struggling with, not only had roots in ancient times, but seemed to be written in their astrological charts.  Like the body, the astrological chart can provide a useful map for unearthing these deepest of roots.  It offers an opportunity to glimpse the unique work of your soul, as it was written in the heavens.  

Your Path to Personal Empowerment


In our first session, we'll open the sacred container for deep healing work.  I will guide you through a meditation to attune to the highest intention held by your Higher Self.  In this session, we'll also explore the practical areas of your life where healing is most desired.  

Once our attunement is complete, I will begin working on your Soul Path Reading.  The first part of your reading (along with support material) will be sent to you before our next scheduled session.

Bare Trees in Fog


Before your second session, you will have time to listen to the first part of your Soul Path Reading (listening multiple times is suggested).  This recording will explore how your soul's journey has been recorded in your emotional body.  In our second session, we'll open a connection with your inner child and start to contact the emotional presets you were likely born with.  We will also begin to shift the deep emotional wounding that was recreated through your childhood experience. 

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Before your third session, you'll have time to listen to the second part of your Soul Path Reading, where we'll explore the first point of your "incarnational axis." This tends to be a comfort zone, even if it's uncomfortable.  In our healing session, we'll explore your soul's history, over many lifetimes, and deepen our exploration of how it was recreated in your childhood experience.  I will assist you in contacting and claiming the gifts and areas of soul expertise you've developed.  We will also explore the more challenging aspects of your soul's history that may keep you trapped in repeating experience.

Stained Glass Praise


Before your fourth session, the third part of your Soul Path Reading will be sent to you, along with support materials for working with your deepest wound.  Hidden within your deepest wound is your soul power and the deepest longings of your soul.  In this session, we'll explore your hidden wounds, as well as the path your soul needs to take in order to heal them and claim your soul power. 

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Before your fifth session, you'll receive the last part of your Soul Path Reading, which will explore the "guiding light" for your soul.  This is the area of experience your soul hasn't had much of but needs to experience in order to integrate your gifts and find balance.  It will keep calling your forward, even though it's out of your comfort zone.  In this session, we'll explore the resistance you may have to these experiences and to stepping into your full light.

Tools to Help your Deepen Your Healing

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Moon Guide Cover.png
South Node Cover.png
Shadow Guide Cover.png
North Guide Cover.png


To assist you on your journey you'll receive 5 guidebooks to deepen your understanding:

  • Understanding your Astrological Chart

  • What the Moon Reveals

  • The South Node 

  • Working with Your Shadow

  • Following your True North 

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You'll also receive journaling questions and recorded meditations/activations that you can listen to again and again to integrate the work we'll be doing in our sessions together: 

  • 4 journaling guidebooks

  • Inner Child Guided Meditation

  • Meditation to Gather Soul Gifts and Release the Past

  • Reclaiming Soul Fragments Journey

  • Stepping into Your Highest Destiny Activation


Soul Path Healing is profound healing.  Soul Path Healing is for you, if:

  • You've been on a healing path for some time but feel like you can't seem to move past repeating patterns.

  • You want to unlock the potential to live your highest destiny in this lifetime.

  • You're willing to look at the hidden material in your shadow, and at the ways you may be holding these patterns in place.

  • You're willing to embrace the incredible light of your soul.

  • You want a skilled healer to guide you on this part of your healing journey. 

Wheat Field


Kim is a great healer, who in just a few short months, set me on a clear path forward while unearthing hidden clues that have literally set me free and changed my life. Kim’s Soul Path Program is wonderful – it is a vulnerable experience in a safe, sacred space led by a true spiritual leader...This has been a very healing experience for not only me but my family as well....the universe seemed to magically align and present opportunities for deep discovery and healing after each step through the program. I just had to be brave enough to take that chance!

-KA, New York

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